Tom Connan dropped a controversial music video

After the success of his last track “Beautiful Day”, young singer and fashion designer Tom Connan just released a new music video for his single “You Didn’t Give Them a Chance (Club Remix)”. Partly composed of real archive footage, showing violent historical scenes, it was first removed from YouTube and then reuploaded shortly after thanks to his fans, as reported in the French newspaper Mediapart.

The video depicts past and current threats to humanity, including anti-Semitism, homophobia and terrorism, but also sources of hope, like the battle for gender equality. The most moving part is probably the end of the short film which shows the destroyed town of Aleppo, Syria.

A few weeks after the launch of his eponymous clothing label, Tom Connan is more than ever an artist who can change our minds, as humans but also as citizens.

Check it out here:

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