Do You Love Luxury Handbags

When it comes to luxury handbags, there are many options from extremely expensive to dirt cheap with all consequences attached.

Let’s look at all of them in case it’s time to replace some of your designer bags.

  • One, we particularly love is to fly to NYC, Vegas, or L.A to visit some of the famous designer handbags stores – believe me, it’s a terrific trip!
  • One is to buy from an authorized retailer a distribution brand like Emporio Armani instead of Armani, Versace Jeans instead of Versace, etc.
  • One is to buy a used luxury bag from a known marketplace. Etsy, eBay, Facebook, etc.
  • The last one is to buy a fake from the street like the shoulder bag my sister in law bought in New York!

My Small Store sells luxury handbags, thus I would recommend option two, that was easy 🙂 but and to be honest, I love taking my lovely wife shopping in NYC or on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles.

The big issue with these trips is the price tag – I am not just talking about airfare and hotel stay. A Prada Saffiano leather handbag is priced at $1,990, a Versace Virtus Shoulder bag at $1,895, or a Moschino
Matador Biker bag at $2,350 are maybe not in everyone’s budget.

Yet we all want to give something special for just to say thank you or I love you or for special occasions. It’s where option two comes by.

Versace, as many luxury brands, has “diffusion lines”:

  • Armani Exchange, Armani Jeans, Emporio Armani for Armani
  • Cheap & Chic and Love Moschino for Moschino
  • MICHAEL by Michael Kors for Michael Kors
  • Versace Collection and Versace Jeans for Versace
  • …

These designer handbag brands are made by the same designer team and are quite cheaper than their runway versions – also as many say they are more “wearable”. True, it’s not always easy to match a Moschino Drawing Hand Clutch with most outfits. While the Love Moschino Clutch Evening bag pairs very well with most outfits.

The main difference is the price tag, in my previous example, the Moschino is tagged at a bit over $2,000 while we sell the Love Moschino for less than $160 meaning for the same budget you could have for each of your favorite outfits!

I never recommend option three, buying used from marketplaces unless you are looking at an antique bag – I did that, we had a bag my GrandMa received for her sixteenth birthday – a 1955 Channel Flap Bag but it was destroyed in a fire. We were able to replace it on Etsy.

We had customers asking to verify the “truthiness” of their acquisition, unfortunately, two thrid were not original bags – no return, no refund…

The last option buying fake designer handbags is … not illegal – I know but the law says that knowingly buying counterfeit merchandise is not reprehensible, selling is.

We have seen plenty of them, customers who order a $2,200 Gucci Dionysus GG Supreme Small Shoulder Bag and return the fake one they bought on the street – that’s why My Small Store doesn’t sell online any “ultra” designer products. By the way, returning a fake item for a refund is illegal, we filed many police reports.

Now that we discussed different options, which one do you prefer?


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