Shopping in US & UK made easy with Ship7

You love shopping but you live outside UK and USA? You want to shop online on stores shipping only within US or UK territories? You don’t have a US or UK address? You finally found out a store that ship worldwide but their shipping costs are higher?

The problem seems to be complicated but there ought to be some solution. I was stuck in such issues as well but luckily I found Ship7. Being a regular shopper I have been facing so many problems related to buying from US or UK based stores. Some of you might be thinking what’s the need of buying from US if you can’t get these products shipped to you easily. The answer is very simple. The variety we can find in US or UK based stores is not available in global markets or local online stores.

Secondly there is huge price difference. Prices in USA are cheaper as mostly the stores offer discounts, coupons and sale promotions those are only applicable within USA. Same is the case with UK based branded products.

Thirdly the quality of the products made in USA and UK or made from US and UK is higher then the products made for global market.

So there are so many reasons to buy from US and UK based online stores. But the problem is most of these stores only ship within US or UK. So anyone living outside these countries can’t buy anything. Apart from that if you are able to find some stores those are shipping worldwide, shipping costs are alarmingly high.

So I came across Ship7 and had a splendid experience with them and still shopping regularly through them. Shopping with them is so simple and useful.

  1. You order any US or UK based product
  2. You will put Ship7 address for shipping these products (They got US and UK based offices so the cost will be low and sometimes you will come across some stores who ship free within USA)
  3. They will store your item in a box labelled for you until you want them to dispatch it to your home address anywhere in the world.
  4. You can actually do multiple shopping and get all these products placed in that box. There is free storage for 60 days. Means you can buy anything within 2 months before you get these things shipped to you.
  5. Shipping these items collectively will definitely make huge difference in shipping cost.
  6. They can even shop on your behalf if you are having card acceptance issues on US or UK based stores.

So the process is simple and surely Ship7 is making shopping simple for you.


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