5 Moments That Basically Sum Up Your How To Dress For Golf Experience

Knowing how to dress for Golf is one area where many people are at a loss. However, there are simple guidelines to follow, to help you put together proper outfits. From the fashion forward to the more laid back, the information will be of tremendous benefit. Several social media platforms have groups that cater to the fashion needs of amateur and professional golfers. Recently, GQ magazine did a feature on putting together trendy outfits that appeal to different categories, of men from the most rugged males to metro sexuals.

Unearthing The Dress Code

Beyond satisfying personal vanity, many golf courses have a prescribed dress code, that must be strictly adhered to. Generally, the clothing in golf is an essential part of maintaining decorum in the game. The dress codes are put in place, mainly to ensure that amateur golfers adhere to established standards. Individual courses usually have their own rules. When in doubt, it is always advisable to check with management before hand. The following are the standard articles of clothing expected.

  • Shirts:

 Men are expected to wear collared shirts. However, some golf courses, allow shirts with a turtle neck collar. For women, some degree of flexibility is allowed. For both men and women, t-shirts and tank tops are not allowed.

  • Pants:

 Men are expected to wear long pants, made of cotton or polyester blend. Dress shorts are also permitted. Women can wear long pants, capris, or what are termed as golf skirts. These are skirts made with shorts underneath, made with slits at sides, for ease of movement.


  • Shoes:


Players are expected to wear golf shoes. These are shoes designed to provide support, by creating a degree of traction. They are usually designed for comfort, as a round can last several hours. The shoes are designed to meet certain specifications. As a result, other types of footwear, that offer the same level of comfort, are often not allowed.


  • Hats:


There are generally no specifications for a hat. However, certain forms of head gear, are more appropriate. Most people wear baseball caps or visors. It is frowned upon, to wear things like cowboy hats, or benie caps.


After you have understood, all the basic guidelines, you can go ahead and create outfits to your liking. There are several stores that carry both high street and designer brands of golf clothes. They include


  • Kohl’s ,


  • Dicks


  • Sporting goods,

  • Golf Galaxy,


 Bottom Golf


A quick visit to any of these stores would provide everything you need. If you are still confused about what to buy, there are a number of websites you can visit, to learn more about putting together acceptable outfits. You can check out Golf Digest, Golfweek or GQ.com. They have several informative articles, on how to dress for golf. As a general rule, always remember to do a little homework because what works for another person may not necessarily work for you.

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