3 Ways To Turn A Bland Building Into The Wedding Venue Of Your Dreams

With so many weddings that had to be put off over the last few years, people are now getting creative with how they put their weddings together after months and months of canceled plans and overbooking of venues and vendors. So if you’re desperate to get married now but can’t find the perfect venue, you still have the option to make it.

If you have access to a commercial space that you’re wanting to turn into the perfect wedding venue, here are three ways to turn this bland building into the wedding venue of your dreams.


Bring In Some Natural Elements

In most commercial spaces, the problem is that everything feels too corporate and sterile. This isn’t the type of environment that most people want for their weddings. So to fight against this, you’ll want to bring in some natural elements that can make the space feel more welcoming and homey.

If the commercial space that you’re using is very large and open, you can use trees or other privacy partition walls to create different spaces in the room or building. This can help the place not to feel so cavernous. Additionally, you can use other natural elements like flowers and trees to make certain parts of the room feel smaller and more cozy so that the room isn’t so overwhelming.


Get Creative With Draping

It’s not only the size of the space that you need to worry about when turning a commercial space into the perfect place for your wedding. You also need to think about how you’ll disguise the corporate feel of the walls and ceilings, which also isn’t something most people are looking for from their wedding venue.

One option you might want to consider is using draping around the space. With beautiful colored and flowy drapes strewn from the ceiling and walls of the space, you can make the commercial space feel much softer and romantic. This is a relatively inexpensive option when the room you’ll be using is large but needs some type of covering.


Keep All Elements As Personal As Possible

As another way to make the sterile facade of a commercial space feel more welcoming for a wedding, you should do your best to make all of your decor and other decoration elements as personal as possible. If you have something that’s meaningful for you and your partner that will help give your personality and taste to the space, you should try to use these types of things as much as possible. It can help immensely for transporting you and your guests to a place other than the commercial space you’re in.

If you have a bland, commercial wedding venue that you’ll be getting married in soon, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn how you can alter and adjust this space to fit your needs.

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