Important Things To Take Note Of While Planning A Wedding In Hawaii: Don’t Miss The

Everybody wants to make their wedding extraordinary. Where some go for lavish arrangements, there are some who take the destination wedding route. Destination weddings have become a big-time craze today. From getting married on the beach to tying a knot in some fairytale castle, it comes with a host of ideas to make your wedding an unforgettable affair. But you know what things aren’t as simple as it sounds. When planning your wedding in Hawaii, it’s the details that matter. So this demands a good groundwork on the part of a couple.

Before you go on to take those holy vows on the serene Hawaiian Islands, make sure the following things are planned well in advance.

1. The Wedding Timing: As you have decided to get married in Hawaii, it is important to consider the timing before everything else. Even though the weather is beautiful year-round, you will have to take note of popular travel seasons to save yourself from large crowds and inflated costs. You can consider the months of May, June, September, October or November to get married as this is the time when prices are lower and crowds are smaller. This is the only time of the year you are likely to get good bargains on accommodations as well as airfare. So your wedding in Hawaii at this time would prove to be a big money saving deal.

2. The Hawaii Wedding Location: You have to decide your wedding location well in advance as the islands in Hawaii are quite far apart. There’s only air connectivity, which can be quite expensive. So you have to make a choice. Once you are on your selected location, your means of getting around will depend on what’s available. Well, if you and your guests can afford multiple plane tickets then any location can work for you.

3. The Wedding Venue: Since you are a tourist at this place, the venue for your wedding has to be booked in advance. There are many other couples also who are planning to get married in Hawaii. In such a scenario, it can become difficult to get the place of your choice. Therefore, to get a cheap wedding venue booked in your budget, you can opt for wedding packages in Hawaii, which are customized as per the individual needs of the couples.

Whether you want a beach wedding or a wedding on the popular Hawaiian islands like Oahu, Maui or Kauai, they cover every little detail that a wedding celebration demands. From resort hotels with ballrooms to private beach access, a well-crafted package can offer you anything as per your choice.

4. The Wedding Packages: For a destination wedding, it is always advisable to go with wedding packages in Hawaii. There’s nothing more difficult than the hassle of making wedding arrangements all by yourself at an unknown place. Availing a wedding package is the best way to get things done in your budget. For instance, if a beach wedding is on your mind, you can have your beach wedding dresses, the wedding theme, photography, food, and music plus a mini Hawaii vacation for you and your loved ones added to your package. In this way, both your wedding as well as a family getaway can be clubbed and accordingly planned.

5. The Legal Requirements: Even if you are going on a travel visa, there are certain rules and regulations which you cannot ignore. Like for your wedding in Hawaii, a Hawaii wedding license is mandatory. All the formalities can be done online. You can easily fill out and pay for your license application there. This way you’ll have all the legal things in process before you even arrive at your Hawaii destination wedding location.

Once you reach here, you will have to finalize your license in person with a state marriage license agent. Make sure you do it before your big day ceremony. You must comply with all the basic requirements like:

•  Age 18 is a prerequisite for getting married

•  Both the partners have to be present before the agent at the time of application

•  You must have an official proof of your age

•  You must pay a $65 fee for the entire process

Having done this, you’ll have a definite legal permission to perform your wedding rights on the Hawaiian Islands.

6. Rules For Hawaii Beach Wedding: If you have planned a beach wedding in Hawaii, then it is recommended to hire a wedding planner. There are certain rules associated with beach weddings and only a Hawaii wedding planner can guide you through this as this type of wedding would require liability insurance and only a familiar person can help you get the permit. Here are the rules you’ll have to follow:

• Guest list with more than 25-30 guests would require additional permission

• You will be given a 2-hour limit for your function

• You cannot ask beachgoers to move

• Large decorations and structures are not allowed

• Chairs can only be used by elderly or disabled people who are unable to stand

•  No blocking of the area for your personal ceremony

All in all, it all lies in your planning. Mind the above-listed things and just plan it right, take care of all the little details and make it big. Because every beautiful thing starts with a planning! Wishing you a Happy Wedding 🙂

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