How to Spice Up Your Marriage! (Tested and Proven)

Being in a relationship for too long can make it lose the spark! Check out some cool tips below to warm up your love life!

No matter how long you two have been together, your marriage life can go a bit flat. To a point, it becomes so frustrated that something has to change or your relationship will be soon out of the door.

If you’re heading to a frozen marriage or thinking of a wedding in the near future, this post is for you. Let’s get the warmth back to the family!

Why your marriage turns dull?

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Okay! Before getting to the solutions, it’s essential to know the root of the problem. Why can years of marriage and love be so easily smashed?

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Most newly married couples often think of their partner as the most perfect person on the planet. Before and during the honeymoon phase, they live in a rosy world where their significant one has no flaws.

The bad news comes after the wedding. You will find out tons of annoying habits about each other – things that you might never care before moving in together.

Without compromises, the differences between you two will tear your relationship apart. You will soon see yourselves shouting at each other and regretting about getting married.

The worst part comes with infidelity. When the distance in your relationship is too large, it’s easy for both you and your partner to have emotional or physical affairs. And that will put an end to your marriage life.

Lack of Communication

Another issue that we – relationship counselors – often see in couples is the lack of communication.

In modern life, it has become easier than ever to tune into your phone and social media, meaning you are alienating your sweetheart and putting a bucket of ice into your intimate relationship.

It may not seem so at first, but eventually, you will leave (or be left by) your partner behind today news and digital gadgets. Even your sexual desire will wane!

When partners fail to communicate with each other, more problems will arise. Don’t hide your problems and feelings from your spouse. Being straightforward makes a long-term relationship and an on-track love life.


Don’t hold hostile attitude against your spouse. It is highly detrimental to your marriage. You two will obtain nothing with hostility except a broken family.

You must remember that respect is the key to maintain any relationships. Dealing issues with calmness and appreciation towards others will bring things into the right track.

Don’t fill your marriage with low-grade anger and negativity. Give frank and honest suggestions to each other instead of yelling, berating, and nagging.

7 Tips To Reignite The Lost Spark and Set Fire Back To Your Marriage

A marriage functions the same as our body mechanism. As our temperature drops, we will become increasingly sleepy. And thing happens the same in a warmth-lacking relationship.

No one (or at least no ordinary people) wants that happens. But what if your marriage already showed signs of sliding down?

Don’t worry! Equip yourself with our tips and practice them every day!

Ready to note down?

Do things together

You might hear this a million time, but doing things together is an effective way to increase your marital satisfaction. Don’t get us wrong! We aren’t just talking about daily activities.

Date nights disappear after marriage? Then you’d better bring them back! Every week, if possible, go for a date night just like you did before the wedding. Let yourself be charming and flirty during the date.

According to specialists, dating can enrich and enliven your marriage life. The actions speak for themselves. A dinner under the candlelight or a movie night will reassure your partner their position in your priority list!

Communicate more

Communication is the key to strengthen relationships, and marriage is no exception. As mentioned above, more issues will show up without it.

Our advice is to try to become your partner’s best friend.

Make communication a habit: Share your daily issues, listen to his/her problems, and be receptive. Appreciate your spouse and their ideas. We guarantee it will bring more solutions and reduce conflicts. Or you can talk with a licensed therapist on BetterHelp who can give you proper advice in order to close this communication gap.

Overcome the lack of time excuse

Don’t use time as an excuse for your carelessness. Nurturing each other’s feelings is fundamental in every relationship. Remember your anniversaries, take care of your spouse, and spend time with him/her.

Don’t give your marriage a chance to be distant! Close the gaps with actions and appreciation towards each other. Treasure your partners and keep them your priority!

Always Give Out 100%

In all the tips for a long-lasting marriage, this is a huge one. Getting marriage means becoming a team. It requires the commitment and efforts of everybody in that team.

Never only gives 50%. Not only does it show your carelessness, but it also reflects your low appreciation towards your partner. Make sure always to give 100% of yourself to all the things surround you.

Intimate Sex

The best advice for a happy marriage you might get is to have sex with your spouse a lot. In the end, sex is all about staying connected to your partner.

In a romantic relationship, sex is indispensable. Don’t let your sex life get frozen! Turn it into a thrilling routine with surprises. Your partner will be head over heels for you!

Here are a few things you can do:

Try new positions, play around, and be open to new things and places. Share your thoughts and sexual desires with your spouse! Don’t be shy of being naughty and wild! No one judges you in bed.

Re-decorate your bedroom

As stated above, sex does matters in your relationship! It’s time to add in some flavor. Try to re-decorate your bedroom – the magical space where things happen.

A must-remember note is not to turn your bedroom into a storeroom! Try to make it a romantic paradise where your spouses want to devour your body once walked in. Eliminate unnecessary items and spray a little sexy perfume.

Get A Makeover

It’s true that appearance isn’t everything in a relationship, but sometimes it’s nice to give yourself and your “the one” a new vibe!

Remember that human nature is to explore new things. Boredom can ruin your spark, too. Give yourself a new haircut, a charming dress, or a change in style. Trust us; you will impress your significant one a lot!

It will also be a fantastic opportunity to remind your partner and yourself how precious you are!

All things considered

Above all, it’s pertinent to remember that the longevity of a marriage depends on a lot of factors. Keeping the fire in marriages is an art in which each person plays a huge role.

We hope that with all the tips we’ve shared, you can find a way to regain or strengthen the spark with your partner. Please Like/Share/Subscribe if you think it’s useful. You can save another marriage!

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