Award-Winning Steadicam Operator Sacha Naceri

The end of shaky camera movement came into being with the invention of the Steadicam stabilizing system in 1975 by Garrett Brown. Since then, the use of the system by expert Steadicam operators such as Sacha Naceri, have saved filmmakers thousands of dollars on each project they were used on. They also opened up visual opportunities to directors who wanted tracking and dolly shots to enhance the storytelling capabilities. In the years before 1975 building special tracks for the camera on a smooth level ground or floor took a great deal of time and effort, which transalted into costs for the production. Using the Steadicam cut out the need for the use of tracks and dollies, which, in turn, lowered the budget and allowed more flexibility for the director’s vision to become realized. It takes a highly skilled Steadicam operator to get the best out of that wonderful device that changed the way movies were shot. Sacha Naceri has eight years experience as a savvy and adept Steadicam operator and is certified by the official Garret Brown Steadicam Workshop in Philadelphia. Garrett Brown, by the way, was awarded an Academy Award of Merit in 1978 for inventing the Steadicam. Sacha has worked with on many films, commercials and music videos; too many to talk about here. Being the Steadicam operator put him in the position of closely collaborating with the director of the film. He and the director would plan and rehearse each movement of the camera. In a sense, Sacha and the Steadicam would be dancing with the actors because, depending on the director’s visual needs, Sacha would be one with the camera and he would be following or moving with the actors when they moved. In 2022 Sacha was the Steadicam Operator on Penny’s Commercial “The WISH.” He worked on the creation and choreography of specific and cinematic Steadicam camera moves with the Director, Marcus Ibanez, and the director of photography Paul Ozgur, who won Film Craft Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival.Also in 2022, he was the Steadicam Operator on G-STAR Hardcore “THE RYTHME OF Denim.” Once again, Sacha worked on the choreography between the dancers and the movement of camera with Director Paul Geusebroek. The project Won the Gold Award at THE ONE CLUB Festival. In 2021 he was the Steadicam Operator on Nina Ricci’s “Tomorow’s mermaid Spring summer 2022” the film won a BRONZE AWARD IN FASHION FILM at Club des DA.Sacha was the Steadicam Operator on the major motion picture “The Pope’s Exorcist” which starred RUSSELL CROWE and was directed by Julius Avery. The Director of Photography was Khalid Mohtaseb, the multi award-winning Director of Photography for commercials. We just picked a few of the countless projects Sacha has been an integral part of. There are plenty more.

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