Acting Roles & Events: Meet Multi-Talented Actress Tiffany Rothman

Tiffany Rothman is a multi-talented Actress and Dancer known for starring in quality
films and TV series. Tiffany is most known for playing the role of Linh Pham in ‘Blue
Bloods& CBS and starring in the Sundance Official Selection film  &;The Accidental
Getaway Driver’ as the role of Linda!  

Deeper Dive into Actress Tiffany Rothman & Background

Tiffany Rothman was initially born in Hue, Vietnam. In 1975, she relocated to the US.
Tiffany then relocated from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Brookline, Massachusetts,
where she attended Brookline High School, in less than two years. In high school, she
was drawn to the arts and creativity; she started dancing and performing. After
relocating to New York, Tiffany completed her MBA in Human Resources Management.
Tiffany earned a master's degree in educational psychology not long after. Tiffany
Rothman completed a play titled "Flowers: A Thorny Romance" as part of her doctoral
thesis in counseling psychology in 2017. The topic of the play was domestic abuse.
Tiffany Rothman is known to uphold her experience in psychology, relating it to films,
while also taking the time to volunteer and become involved at many different reputable

Latest News and New Film Roles Confirmed!

Tiffany Rothman was recently seen at the Asian World Film Festival in November 2023! 
As confirmed on IMDB, Tiffany Rothman will be starring in 6 new upcoming projects!
Tiffany’s most recent project, “What Doesn’t Float," produced by Pauline Chalamet and
Rachel Walden and directed by Luca Balser, won a 2023 nomination and is now
officially on Prime! See below all the official social media sites of Actress Tiffany
Rothman for more!

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