The Greatness Behind Cinematographer and Producer Gurdeep Singh

He was in the right place at the right time. That’s correct, Gurdeep Singh, the highly skilled cinematographer and experienced producer just happened to be at the center for Advanced Media at Punjabi University in Patiala, India, when a motion picture production company was shooting a film nearby. A line producer became ill and the production staff approached Gurdeep’s school and asked for someone knowledgeable enough to fill in for him. . Right then and there, Gurdeep got his first opportunity. Although he was clueless about what to do, he tried to find solutions to the best of his abilities. It was a tough experience, he said later, but he learned a lot and made some good friends and connections along with some great memories. The film he worked on was a thriller titled Mel Krade Rabba.
Gurdeep is a hard worker and a quick study and when opportunities fell in his lap, he was smart enough to take advantage of them. One such fortuitous event was his introduction to CEO Balwinder Singh Kohli through his director friend Sarabjit Savio, which led to his working at Speed Records. When he met with Balwinder Singh Kohli, he found out that they were in need of an in-house Executive Producer. He got the job and he never thought that he would be working with such popular music artists such as Diljit Dosanjh, Jassi Gill, Parmish Verma, Mankirat Aulakh, Sherry Maan, and Miss Pooja. Gurdeep worked on over forty music videos and several feature-length films such as Pata Ni Rabb Khedeyan Rangan Vich Raaji, Love You Soniye, and Ishq Gerari. He also made important contributions to hits like Gangland (ft. Mankirat Auklah with 211 million views), Laembadgini (387 million views), and Gaal Ni Kadni (311 million views).

After building a body of work in India, Gurdeep graduated from the legendary New York Film Academy and got work immediately. At first, he just tried to fit into whatever position was available. When opportunities to work as a cinematographer and producer started to come in he worked on films such as, Paper Kids, The Last Cigarette, American Virus, Gangster, A Family Barbeque, and won a Best Cinematographer for his work on Fenced and several other films.

Gurdeep has worked steadily in the last few years. He has a solid grasp on all the current state of the art cinematography techniques and as a producer he is able to bring projects in on schedule and within budget. His advice for upcoming producers and cinematographers is that there will always be ups and downs, and sometimes there will be projects that you put your heart and soul into, but they will not make it to the big screen. With that in mind, just keep persevering and don’t ever stop learning about your craft.

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