Daniel James, the Australian actor, has been acting in the film industry for over twenty years. He discovered his passion for acting in his mid-twenties, when he worked on Shaun Cassidy and Ron Koslow’s Fox TV series ROAR. Early in his acting career he worked on the TV series Flipper, The Lost World TV series and feature films Chameleon I and II Death Match, Waste, Swimming Upstream and Green Sails. Another one of Daniel’s early credits was for the role of biochemist Stevie Best in the highly acclaimed Australian crime drama feature film Rise, which starred Australian actors Martin Sacks (Irreverent, Wentworth, Underbelly); Marty Rhone (Harrow, Bull, The Doctor Blake Mysteries) and Jessica Green (Air, Roman Empire, The Outpost).

Daniel’s credits include work on short films (Seven Times, Doreen’s Dead, Bite Club, Sin Bin, Velvet Boulevard, Patched, Brother’s Keeper, Our Darkly Perfect World) and feature films (Patched, The Lost One, Blackwater, Space/Time, Battalion, Alfa Maschi and Rise) and the International TV series Deadly Women.

Daniel is a super dedicated actor and honing his craft and developing his skills is an on-going way of life for him. After training with Queensland Actors Playhouse in 2008 under Mirjana Ristevski and Michael McNally, Daniel further enhanced his skills by undertaking extensive training with some of the best acting coaches from Australia and the US, including Christopher Sommers, Kim Farrant, Anthony Brandon Wong, Anthony Meindl, and Elizabeth Kemp to name just a few.

After many years on set, Daniel brings understanding and focus to each role. He has the ability of a chameleon actor in that he can adapt to take on different personas and disparate styles of acting, which enables him to play a variety of compelling characters. In the western feature film Blackwater, Daniel transformed into one of the characters known as One eyed Jack, the notorious vagrant who is part of the Dalton gang, always getting into mischief and causing trouble.

In Bite Club Daniel played the role of Targus the human bad ass who has utter hatred for supernatural entities. He is the leader of the military force EFT and won’t stop until humans are on top of the food chain. In the humorous Sin Bin Daniel played the role of Father John, a priest who winds up in an embarrassing situation. In an episode of International TV series Deadly Women, he plays the role of a detective out to learn the truth about a heinous crime. In the drama feature film Patched which was recently filmed in Australia, Daniel plays the role of Mike shock jock. Mike is the local radio announcer who has a controversial opinion on the new anti-biker laws. Daniel has also appeared in several music videos as well, he played the antagonist in Hip Hop artist Cking’s music video “Save Me” which has themes around domestic and family violence.

Daniel won the award for 2021 Nominee Best Actor for ASIN (Australian Industry Network) with his performance as the lead antagonist in the dramatic short film Seven Times. The film brings to life the heartbreaking journey of a woman’s struggle leaving an abusive relationship. Daniel portrayed the character of Dominic Romano in this intense, gritty, and suspenseful film about a wife and mother played by Anna McMahon, who becomes entangled in a world of drug fueled violence and must find the courage to escape to save herself and her two daughters.

Daniel had great success with the Seven Times production. There were multiple premieres and screenings along with charity events with RizeUp Australia. The team raised approximately $6,000 for families of domestic violence and their victims. Daniel is not just a gifted artist but also a recognized humanitarian who is making a difference by creating social change through the arts. Seven times was created to bring awareness to domestic and family violence which is clearly an important topic in our society today.

Daniel has several projects coming up in the United States. Having travelled to the States over the last 7 years meeting with producers and discussing opportunities, he has been cast in some amazing productions. Although he is unable to publicly speak about some of these for now, he can talk about an incredible production called Andean Society. It will be produced by AK Entertainment and will be filmed in several locations across the United States including Los Angeles and New York. Andean Society takes place in Dystopian times with themes that resemble that of Blade runner where its world evolves into a vertical city in the distant future.

The story unfolds around a darkly imaged Washington DC, focusing on carpenter Andean Meso, who is the unexpected guardian of the powerful Epoch Society. However, with the cunning Judd Holocene on their trail, one miscalculation could spell disaster for the city’s soul.

Daniel James has been cast to play the lead role of Commander Rax, one of the members of the Epoch society with a military background. He is a stoic leader wise beyond his years and Daniel is excited to step into the unique persona of Commander Rax. Andean Society has already won two screen writing awards to date. This will be a full-length feature film with plans for a theatrical release and VOD streaming platforms.

Daniel James is also a qualified personal trainer, boxing fitness instructor and transformational somatic breathwork coach. He enjoys keeping fit and living a healthy lifestyle. In 2013 Daniel completed 5 years of study to obtain his Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning Degree. He aims to bring awareness by being a voice for environmental and humanitarian issues.

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