Mohit Shrivastava in ‘Please Don’t Call The Cops’

Mohit Shrivastava is currently featured in the newly Cannes Film Festival nominated short ‘Please Don’t Call The Cops’ where he plays Charles – a forbidding ex-lover who isn’t ready to take no for answer. Even though he is playing a supporting-role, whenever he is on screen he makes our jaws drop to the floor.

This is the first time we really see Mohit putting everything into full gear. He declared that he had as much fun filming the project, as we had watching it. He explained his need for comic relief in the movie, due to having such a heavy subject matter. The movie expresses social issues which are brought up in India regarding forced marriages. It sparks up a lot of conversation because it is something the western world cannot really grasp. Mohit explains that not everywhere in India is arranged marriage common. It depends on family and the area, he states. Mohit shares that growing up in India helped him slip into the environment of the character easily, yet getting into the mindset of the character was more difficult. He expresses the true darkness of such a character, but that’s why he loves his job.

Mohit traveled to India in search of finding the truth of Charles, the core individual. He states he spent a lot of time talking to families who had been involved in arranged marriages and families who has been torn apart by infidelity between the parents. The extreme level of happiness and sadness is what baffled Mohit the most, he states. He said that he never really found the answer of whether arranged marriages are ethical or not. He found extremely successful marriages that had been arranged from the start, yet he also found loneliness and despair. “Love is so circumstantial” Mohit proclaims.

After having the film released and with the film receiving spectacular reviews, Mohit is moving onto even bigger things. He told us that he is set to do a web series this upcoming fall, where he is broadening his horizons playing the role of a teenager paranoid about AIDS. He states it is something he’s never done before, and that he’s excited to jump over new obstacles and hurdles.

If Mohit impresses us half as much as he did in his latest project ‘Please Don’t Call The Cops’ then we all have something very special to look forward to.

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