Cali Diamond ! A Perfect Brand For Lovely Girls

What is Cali Diamond? It’s a Lifestyle, culture and a collective of like-minded individuals that share the same values, and the same mentality of strength in numbers by working together to achieve their goals. Best described when it is broken down to its roots, Cali Diamond has two variables. On one side of the spectrum is the apparel, and on the other side are the models behind the clothing, the Cali Diamond Girls.

The visionary behind this lifestyle brand is CEO and Founder, Makaela Susnow. Being the Fashion and Entertainment Entrepreneur like she is, Makaela’s journey began when she was pursuing a career as an artist, singer, and songwriter. From her early years of growing up in the Bay Area Music scene, she developed a diligent and tireless mentality. This mentality consisted of her following her passion and constantly striving to make her dreams into a reality.

In addition to building a strong work-ethic, this also simultaneously rooted her into the beginning stages of her modeling career. Makaela would do numerous photo shoots for various concert posters, albums covers, and demo tapes. With a background of about 10 years in the music industry Makaela has done it all from booking artists, management, promoting, and being a performer herself. Over the years her network of contacts has grown and she attributes that to the success and popularity of Cali Diamond.


When Makaela first began to model in the Fashion Industry, she used ‘Cali Diamond’ as her modeling name in 2013. Makaela has always had a huge passion for fashion and she was deeply encouraged in her pursuits by the great response from people who would encounter her designs. As a result, the Cali Diamond Girls were created as an extension of the brand, worn primarily for the purpose of promotion and getting the Cali Diamond name out there among the crowd. Makaela’s drive as well as her enthusiasm, prompted positive feedback from those around her, inspiring her to expand the brand into numerous collections.

Cali Diamond is brand that is for the bad-ass girls that love being the center of attention, and women that want to stand out amongst the crowd. It is a sexy and hip style that is satisfying, comfortable, and uniquely Californian.


Makaela refers to Cali Diamond as a, “California inspired fashion that encompasses the laidback surfer; beachy vibe, with Boho-chic fashions, and fuses that within traditional streetwear.”

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