Gallery DRV

Let your art speak for itself: A new way to share your passion.“Perhaps the mission of an artist is to interpret beauty to people — the beauty within themselves.” /Langston Hughes.

An artist’s craft has his soul in it. And we at Gallery DRV know, that one’s soul should be shared only with those who will cherish it deeply and feel connected to it.We are Gallery DRV, a new online social collective.

We aim to bring together artist and art lover over a shared appreciation for the love of handmade.  We know that an item made by hand has a whole life inside of it. The life of the craftsman, the warmth of his/her palms, the accumulated history of his/her skill

Our goal – is that you, the artists and craftsmAn utilize this platform in order to create a space for community, As a worldwide platform we guarantee that the art you make, gain a wide audience and find a home among people who share our values and principles and will truly treasure your work. Whether you specialize in making art, furniture, objects of art, music, haute couture, restoring antique furniture, curating historic artifacts or sourcing one-of-a-kind interior design pieces, we at Gallery DRV help you to find the one person who will treasure your piece as much as you do.

Our online gallery offers buyers insight into each and every item, so they become more than just items – they become personalized little stories told via your craft.We are excited to hear from you — of your goals, your mission and your craft. And to share your passion with the world.

Join our platform and let your work speak for itself.

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