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People want newness with every time something unique in it. It becomes much serious when it comes to the fashion specially. My need for the new t-shirts designed compelled me to search out for the best places where I can find beautiful eye catching designs that appeal me greatly. And fortunately, I came to visit this “HappyJiffy” site, a shop at Etsy which is all about extraordinary typography on t-shirts.

My experience was so good to forget. This “HappyJiffy” made my life much easier to select wide variety of designs for the t-shirts. Every time I think about the uniqueness, and every single time this site helps me doing that. This business is mainly about beautiful typography on the t-shirts. Since 2015, it has been changing with new designs and long lasting quality prints.  My first visit and still I am a big fan of this business with their quality products and overwhelming response to the customers.

happy happy-jiffy

Let’s talk about the quality of the typography first. I have been the customer of many different businesses that provide typography services. Every single time I have tried to be the customer of new company. But this is the first time that I have ever been so much impressed with the work. Their prints are soft, well installed on the t-shirts that it never get loose or disappear in a short span of time. With the amount charged and the worked done, I would say it is much beneficial for the consumer side.

Secondly, there is no age of love to the fashion. From the child to the younger people, everyone love to be updated and feel happy when they met their choices. HappyJiffy is among those businesses which serve these types of people. The best thing I noted was their variety of prints available for all type of people. No such market was untouched and it keeps all types of designs for children, adult and young. The colorful designs appeals every single people to try out those lovely items. So, plus point for the variety available.

When people talk about responsiveness in this business, I would also like to share its beauty of responsiveness. It allotted different but minimum timings for different products. Each single order had already been assigned the amount of time so the consumer didn’t bother to wait much. How beautiful when you get your one of the favorites designs and quickly? Isn’t it attractive?


When I looked down the products with those designs, I had to give my time and go through all of them including the reviews of those products. One of the review was “Omg this was perfect they went above and beyond to meet exactly what I was looking for I am beyond happy with my purchase and would most definitely be ordering from them again!!! Thank you so much!!!!” The happy moment when you get more beyond expectations.

HappyJiffy however is meeting the needs of the consumers with coming up the designs that are liked by many. I realized and noticed that it was categorized as one of the most favourites shop at Etsy. It is getting a positive response from each consumer that consumes their products. Although, the pre-trust has always been an issue for these businesses and the only short coming. Like, one can never express or imagine how would be the result of typography by seeing or visiting the web for the first time. To me, it became the same reason but when it is changed, one needs no reason to be the loyal to it.

From the quality to the responsiveness and the listed items, it seem that HappyJiffy is becoming the center of happiness for all people. Now, no one needs to visit the separate sites or places for their different choices, I think everything unique and update is available and acquired by HappyJiffy.

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