Get your Russian piping tips, and a FREE cake tester

Baking a cake to perfection isn’t always the easiest endeavor. For some, a delicious AND pretty cake means many hours of practice, a lot of wasted ingredients, and a great deal of patience. It doesn’t help that many cake decorating tools out there can cost a fortune.

Let’s save you from wasting your money, energy and precious time. Fried Kitchen is the new haven for cake decorators — both professionals and amateurs. We mainly sell Russian Piping tips that, although little is known about its history, have taken the buttercream world by storm. (For a good reason too!) They let you make beautiful cakes in an instant, and effortlessly!


Check out our site and take advantage of our limited-time promo for the Russian Piping tips. Unlike our competitors, we do not charge a fortune for them.

Get your Russian piping tips here, and a FREE cake tester:
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