Music Marketing Expert Johnny Fame on How to Promote Your Music

Johnny Fame, founder of Hip Hop Musicpreneur is showing unsigned Artist around the world how to step up their music marketing and promotion game. The strategies and techniques he teaches have many online music promoters upset because he’s teaching all the strategies they make you pay high prices for. Johnny Fame has become known to teach music promotion and marketing techniques that get real results.

We asked Johnny, what he believes is the best way for an unsigned Hip Hop Artist to promote their music online, here’s what he had to say.

“Know who your audience is, know where they are most likely to hang out online, know their interests, and give them what they’re interested in. Then, and only then, present your music to them. It’s a relationship building process. This is a simple formula that has worked for many Artists I’ve trained.”

In this video he tells you how to make real progress with your music career in the next 6 months.


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