On A Mission To Bring The Best Quality Filming To Life –Alberto Accettulli

The Italian film director and cinematographer, Alberto Accettulli, who currently resides in L.A. is one of the great action sports video creators in the entertainment industry. He also directs and edits commercials for big brand companies such as Chevrolet, Fiat, Nike, Red Bull, Alfa Romeo, Giorgio Armani, Honda, Ducati, Visa, Jeep and Nestlé to name a few.  He has recently shot a series of films in the Himalayas, which included documentaries, a TVC commercial and a digital campaign for Skoda, a car by Volkswagen. He and his film crew worked at very low oxygen levels for twenty days at altitudes over 17,000 feet.

Those heights offer beautiful vistas but they also take their toll on the human anatomy. Less oxygen fatigues the body quickly and Alberto says that he and the team suffered chronically from a lack of energy but they still pushed through to complete the project on time and within budget and the resulting footage was magnificent. The campaign was highly successful (no pun intended) as it got almost 6 million views during the initial release of one of the short documentaries.

We found some of Alberto’s commercials online and we were very happy that they were so accessible. His images are constantly moving and they feel like you are watching a magic show. Things move so fast yet they seem to linger just long enough to let your mind recognize the brand and the product and what’s even more important, is the feeling that goes through your entire being as you are whisked away with the speeding Fiat or Jeep Wrangler. Film director Alberto is also a master of cinematography and has the magician’s eye when it comes to editing – now you see it – now you don’t – but you certainly remember it!!!

There are plenty of words to describe these wonderful images that all come together to form a complete thought or story. We have chosen “truly exciting” among others that have already been mentioned. Seeing his work is like seeing the Cirque du Solei for the first time. It makes you want to run away and join Alberto Accettulli’s circus – if he had one. This film director must see things in a very special way to have been able to break away from the staid and conservative way of making a car commercial (for instance). He brings to each shoot all his magic tricks like a real magician would and then he gets behind the camera and lets the show begin. Bravo Alberto!

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