How To Tie Gele In Simple Steps

We mostly watch ladies in events wearing gele and most of us wonder how creative they must have been to tie that fashion accessory.

How To Tie Gele ?It is not difficult; this is the reason why we want you to learn it in  simple steps. You can give it a trial.
Six Steps To Follow:

STEP 1: Make small folds of three at the longest edge of one part of your gele. You can use your lap in sharpening the folds if using scarf.

STEP 2: Using the folded ends, set your gele on your front head with the short length on your left and the long length on your righ

STEP3: Make a tie round, holding the short length with your right hand, hold tight ( get someone to help you if you wish).

Then wrap the long length round the back of the head until it gets to the front head to meet up the short length you where holding

STEP 4 : Tie the two lengths together using the edge of the long length for the tie with the short one.

STEP 5: Start building the gele shaping it anyway you want it.

STEP 6: Using both hands on the very first layer of gele in front, slightly pull the gele to the back showing steps of round wraps and you are done.

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