InTHE BIG SHIFT, Alkisha Ray Davis provides pages of real practical advice—the result from conducting relationship-building sessions with leaders and tenured employees as she started in Corporate America across various roles and levels of leadership,as well astools that she did not have at the start of her career. You will discover what you need to know but haven’t yet asked. She has done the leg work and chosen success tips from which anyone will benefit.
This book is a compact and powerful gift if you know someone that needs a little wisdom about:
• Transitioning from the military to Corporate America
• Unwritten rules in the business that are fundamental for success
• Owning and taking charge of your career
• Creating healthy relationships with coworkers
• Building a foundational roadmap for your career

The author brings experience, relatable levels of stress, and anxiety when entering Corporate America. THE BIG SHIFT is the guide you wish you had before you startedthe job.

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