2-in-1 Pen with a Mini Spray Bottle for Sanitizer or Perfume

Looking for a multi-functional pen that also works best as a travel hand sanitizer/perfume? The Oreyka presents one of the finest ballpoint pens that has an elegant sleek design available in 3 matte colors.

The body is made with aluminum, which makes it easy to hold and write comfortably for longer sessions.  You can use the pen using the mechanism of twist-action and enjoy the unparalleled writing pleasure.

Made from high-quality plastic, the pen has an empty spray bottle at one end that can easily be filled with 5ml of any liquid of your choice such as sanitizer, alcohol, perfume, etc. You don’t have to carry a separate sanitizer or perfume when you can use this multi-purpose pen while you’re on the go.

The spray bottle can be recycled and refilled easily. Not to mention, it comes with a medium tip size that gives a skip-less writing experience.

The aluminum pocket clip gives you easy access and makes sure you never lose your pen again. The portable and ergonomic design makes it a perfect gift for your loved ones.


-Good value for money

-Aluminum body that ensures a better grip

-Comes in three matte colors: red, blue, and silver.

-Bottle can be refilled within seconds

-One pack includes pens

-Pen point size: 1.0mm

Check out this new 2-in-1 pen with mini spray bottle for sanitizer or perfume!



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