ARMADIO ’S shoes! An amazing shoe concept by Tyron Ward

If you’re looking for your new favorite high top of the year, the Armadio high top is it. It’s designed with American street style savvy but made with the finest Italian craftsmanship, a winning combination if there ever was one. You’ll be reaching for these kicks again and again for their versatility and stylish design.

Each pair is custom made by an Italian artisan, using the finest locally-sourced leathers. They’re designed with an edgy alligator skin pattern – one of the year’s top trends in footwear and accessories. They feature a matching black trim that makes them easy to style with your casual everyday looks. You can also juxtapose them with more formal pieces to create an eye-catching outfit for a night out. And for every other occasion, just stick to all black to complete a perfect monochrome OOTD.

The Armadio is a limited edition design – our shop only carries a small quantity of them. Each pair will come with its own unique code and limited edition certificate. This is definitely a must-have shoe to add your collection if you’re a sneakerhead. You’ll never have to worry about someone else wearing the same pair as you while you’re out and about. Plus, they come in beautiful packaging that will look amazing with the rest of your collection. The boxes are also crafted in Italy and use locally-sourced gloss paper of the highest caliber.

The cherry on top is their supreme quality. We use buttery soft leather that feels amazing, yet is durable enough to not scuff after everyday use. Our wearers can’t get enough of the attention to detail in all aspects of the craftsmanship: the materials, the stitching, the fit, and the packaging. Now is the perfect time to join the Armadio club. Seize this rare opportunity while you can – you’ll be loving your Armadio high tops for years to come!

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