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Since Zevallos manufactures boots, we take into account not just the calf size but also the size of the feet that you supply us with. It allows us to create boots that are proportionate in appearance and comfortable in fit. We can use elastic gores to afford a comfortable fit; this is a good choice for women who are missing out on a comfortable fit by a centimeter or two. Zips are another alternative and fashionable ones at that.

Ankle boots are a great alternative for women with wider calves because it gives them the freedom to experiment with different looks. Paired with a platform heel, these boots serve to create the impression of long legs and counter the width at the calves.

Zevallos will make custom boots that will fit you; if till now you’ve struggled with size problems with boots, you can trust Zevallos to help you experience the joys of well-fitting boots that will also last a long time. Get in touch with us today.

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