Mario West Clothing

Mario West Clothing is a brand built by Mario West at the age of twenty-three. Mario West set out to change the clothing industry selling T-shirts and hats and hoodies. At Mario West Clothing we sell classic hip hop/ pop modern designs. Also, we implement sports into our graphic designs. Our goal is to take customers back to the 70s, 80s, 90s, with a contemporary feel.

Our company slogan is “Evolution of sports and music” the clothing has truly been changed to a modern day feel. Every brand should have purpose for why they are in business. Mario West Clothing brand we stand for building better schools in the inner city.

This information can be found on our Organization page on our website. Every year a small percentage of sales goes to help rebuild schools in Baltimore. This is our brand awareness and our mission to change the community. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram use hashtag #mariowestclothing.

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