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The Universal Horse items are 100% focused on the simplicity of the product/material.. Safety is # 1, to pick an item the Universal Horse Boots are 100% created for the trail riders who are looking for protection, NOT support, as the horse is not in training (dressage,jumping,barrel race etc) Protection from unwanted debris and insects in combination with ventilation. No horse owner is looking for sweaty legs that create skin problems like fungus and much more unwanted problems.

About the Universal Horse Eye Mask, again we look for safety therefore our design include pleats and NOT the dangerous eye darts who can become inverted and possibly point inwards possibly damaging the eye.

All the items we provide on the etsy the trader shop website are all made from one material, 100% ventilation, 90% UV ray protection, soft and supple, washable, easy to clean, and very strong!

“Universal Horse Items are all focused on >>>

ventilation, 90% UV ray protection, practical, logic, with common sense, easy care, and sure safety!”


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