Vivian’s Slap By Jimmy Scarff

Melbourne, 2016. Vivian Jacobs is a hot chick who gets off giving slaps to random guys she meets online. The heartless bitch is at it again. Only last night, she slapped a hapless guy, and already she’s back on RSVP looking for another one. She thinks Todd Johnson would be the perfect candidate. He is a humble restaurant manager who loves goldfish. Vivian thinks breaking this one’s heart will be a thrill!

Todd is not like other men though. Even Vivian admits he is the nicest guy ever. His charming ways captivate Vivian, her sister, and her friends so much that even her cliquey rival Bethany takes a direct interest in him.

Todd loves the attention, but will Bethany really go against her friends and try to steal him away from Vivian? Can Todd form a romance, or will Vivian succumb to her wicked desire and end up giving him a slap?

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