Hollywood’s Upcoming Stars: Javier Melgar Santoveña

Our focus today is on Latino actor Javier Melgar Santoveña, the Guatemalan actor who is taking the industry by the head and really doing some incredible work. Javier has already established himself as a theater personality, but also has become a spokesperson for LGBTQ rights. Javier has really used his career to become closer to the people, and try to make and influence. He said to us ‘’All I want is to inspire and make people feel.’’ And he has been doing an excellent job at that.

He has been the lead in most of the plays he has been in and in his shorts as well, and I honestly believe we will see him soon in the big screen. His talent has really translated to the public and he has become an important part of the industry; he has made it his job to change stereotypes and to inspire people, and he has been doing just that. It’s because of this, that we decided to put him on the spotlight for our upcoming Hollywood stars section.

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