Teo Celigo – From The New Feature Film ‘Killing Joan’

Yes, we know. No one reading this wants to be an actor or have anything to do with movies for a living. Why, because it’s the most boring job in the whole world. Look at what actors have to do. First they have to audition in front of some very judgmental people like directors and producers just to sell them on the fact that they can act and are right for the part. Then, if they get the job, they have to come to the studio or set or the location and pretend to be someone else ALL DAY LONG. Yes they are fed great food while they are there and yes, they generally aren’t on the set all day and yes, it appears that they are having a lot of fun with all the other actors while working on the movie.

Well, if that sounds like fun to you then do what Teo Celigo did, get an agent, Yes, he apparently was so talented that he got an agent before he did anything else. After that he went to acting school, Stella Adler in Los Angeles. And then he went on audition after audition and he has been working regularly ever since. Poor Teo, all that hard work, great food and getting to pretend that he is someone else and getting paid for it. Yes, we feel sorry for that young man and especially when he has to work with beautiful women and get close to them. Oh, the shame.

Teo has been busy ever since he graduated from Stella Adler Academy of Acting. He has also built up quite a resumé that is filled with his roles in stage plays, commercials, short films and feature-length motion pictures. Several of his recent films have been garnishing awards wherever they have been shown and audiences and critics alike are highly entertained by them. That’s Out Thing, What If… has been quit a hit for Teo, who stars in it and his co-star Ale Fips, who co-wrote it with the film’s director, Everett Hernandez. It is a silent love story about saying what you feel to someone before it’s too late.

Killing Joan is a feature film that is full of suspense, horror and a lot of action. Teo is great in this film and so is Jamie Bernadette who plays Joan. We’ve seen Teo in quite a few things so far and he has never disappointed us.


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