Vocal Masters Studio By Amalia Pavlidi

Netherlands based Soprano, Amalia Moerman Pavlidi, is rapidly establishing herself as one of the most promising voices of this generation. It’s a matter of time before Amalia garners International acclaim, already visible through her work. Media has begun to take notice. Her interpretations of both classical & contemporary works soothe the senses.

Amalia is also a Celebrity Vocal Coach!. She is part of many unions and associations and she presents a fantastic portfolio in vocal pedagogy.  Her students are actors, presenters, kids, singers. Since 2014 she teaches online and this increased her popularity. More than 400 students only last year took lessons with Amalia and gained their goals.

Amalia is an educated musician and an amazing woman. She is a strong believer in the Universe. We found her work and personality remarkable and worth it to share it with the world.

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