Benefits Of Gem Stone Rollers

Gemstones are known to be packed with so many benefits for our body. When these stones are combined with the act of massaging they turn into a powerful tool for our skin. Massaging our skin with rolling stones can give a whole new life to our skin without the danger of any side effects. It effectively drains away the lymphatic system and all the toxins from the body to reveal a healthy glow.

The most commonly known and widely used gemstone massaging tools are jade rollers and rose quarts rollers. Jade Roller by AKarell helps increase blood flow around the skin and helps fade away wrinkles and fine lines. It also reduces inflammation on the skin and gets rid of all the puffiness around the eyes and cheeks. It also works wonders for sculpting the face and making the face contours more prominent. Jade’s healing powers make the skin look more youthful, radiant and healthier than before.

AKarell Rose quartz roller is good for firming the skin and getting rid of wrinkles. Massing rose quartz on the skin is effective for making it tight and healthy. It also gets rid of any negative energy that causes unnecessary stress and tension on your body and skin. As a result, your skin looks more relaxed and happier. It dramatically slows down the aging process and makes the skin look several years younger.

These rollers are not a new invention, they have been used since 7th century by Egyptian women as the main tool in their skincare regimen. Women used to massage essential oils and creams on to their skin with the help of crystal facial rollers to increase the process of absorption. Massaging oils and creams on your skin with gemstone rollers will not only hydrate your skin better but also make you look younger than your age.

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