Micoré Just Launched Its New Cosmetic & Skin Care Line Under the “Z” for Zebra brand

Micoré just launched its new cosmetic and skin care line under the “Z” for Zebra brand! Once a huge American MLM company for pure hair extensions, called Micoré International….the Kenyan Founder Mercy Alexander decided to bring back the Micoré (mi-core-ray) name with skin care, cosmetics, select supplements, and fashion with accessories. Mercy is a Kikuyu who moved to the USA in 1999, and in her native language Micoré means Zebra! (wambui micore) Over the years Mercy has learned much about American business, and now wishes to use what she’s learned to market American products to her Kenyan sisters.

Mercy and her husband created the Micoré brand in 2012 and at one time had 6,000 Distributors of the hair products in America. YouTube and the Internet is still full of postings and press about Micoré International! In 2013 Mercy and her sister Maryann opened a Micoré Kenya store in Nairobi, selling high quality hair and wigs….and now with these new products as well. The hair industry is just not as strong as it was before Alibaba. Now in 2017 Mercy sees a need in Kenya (and all Africa) for premium American made beauty products at affordable prices. Mercy longs to return to Kenya, where her Grandfather marched beside Jomo Kenyatta for the independence of Kenya in 1963 and many family remain. She was a proud Kenyan way before her current American status!

Like many other brands with initials for their logo, Micoré Global chose the obvious “Z” for their logo! Mercy believes that the Z will become recognized around the world soon, as a brand that unites the races with products for women of all skin colors. Their Z logo was actually created by Mercy’s husband when he drew the Z several times in red lipstick! Micoré Global is also exploring a way for women in the future to become Affiliates and resell Micoré products for income. Kenyan buyers can order from www.micoreglobal.com and pay with PayPal or Bitcoin. (M-Pesa still not available) Products are shipped from our Nairobi Store located at: Krishna Center, Woodvale Grove, Shop A-12, Ground Floor, Westlands Nairobi, Kenya +254 0708036011

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