One Change brand By Brightman

There is little more appealing than tapping into ones creativity and self- expression in the form of music, art, drama or design. Creativity is a gift birthed through Kevin Brightman as an accomplished classical, jazz, and gospel pianist. Brightman’s love for music and composing had him performing for Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Brook Benton, Dick Gregory, Apollo Theater, The United Nations & Cami Hall. In addition to his musical prowess Brightman is also the creative genius behind the One Change brand.

Through the website SpreadShirt, Brightman is able to showcase the One Change brand, offering snappy, smart, and eye-catching designs for: T-shirts, water bottles, pillowcases, iPhone covers and a lot more!

Be sure to visit the One Change site and check out his varied themes ranging from inspirational to more whimsical music designs surely to be a hit in 2018. For additional information about Brightman and the One Change brand visit

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