Tryon ! The Future of Social Networking

The new app Tryon lets users post pictures of their outfits and get voted on by one another.


United States – March 24 2017: Flats or heels? Are these skinny jeans flattering? Those who find themselves asking these questions of grave fashion importance will be pleased to know that they can now get honest outfit opinions instantly on their smartphone.

The new fashion app Tryon, allows users to post pictures alongside their style dilemma. They have the option of posting a single image or multiple images to find out which outfit looks best. Other Tryon users can upvote or downvote the pictures and leave detailed comments – revealing an honest outfit verdict.

The app developers decided to create Tryon due to their first-hand experience with deciding on the perfect outfit. Their goal was to ease the difficulty in choosing an outfit to purchase or wear and they have achieved this by allowing people to submit a post to Tryon and get opinions from like-minded people all over the world.

“We are apart of a new social network generation.” explained the Founder of Tryon. “We are giving you direct access to a collective intelligence which enables you to make the right decision. Instead of asking your significant other for outfit advice on a Saturday night, you can upload a couple of pictures to the app and instantly get feedback. If you fancy yourself as an amateur stylist, Tryon is the perfect forum to air your fashion views.”

Although only recently released, the Tryon app hopes to revolutionize the way people connect with one another by helping them bond over fashion choices. To find out more information, visit their websiteor download the app for Android and Apple devices.

How Tryon helps to get votes for contest?


Choosing the best photos for contest is really hard part. When you have good looking photo, you can get more votes for your contest. Tryon helps to find the perfect photos for your contest. Just choose 2 of your best photos and upload it to Tryon. That’s it. Get your feedback from Tryon. It’s time to use the photo for your online contest.

A social media marketer “jaipom” said that you can get more upvotes by sharing a top quality photo with your fans. When the photo is attractive, it automatically gets more shares and votes on social media.

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