ExtendMyCloset Launches to Be The Airbnb For Women’s Closets

Ever since Airbnb has taken over people’s imagination and showed them that shared consumption is possible even in high end products as well as luxury items like houses, car, office spaces and the likes, the marketplace for such services has only grown exponentially.

ExtendMyCloset is one such venture. ExtendMyCloset lets the women share and collaborate their stylish wear pieces sitting in their closet with each other.

ExtendMyCloset has tapped in to a rich market place wherein women can list and rent out attractive clothes and accessories at a much cheaper price than its retail value.

Normally, it is observed that ladies hardly repeat an outfit that they’ve bought and worn. Hence, given the high prices of each costume, it makes perfect sense to rent these pieces out and recover a part of the cost. Be it an upscale cocktail dress, a designer handbag or an expensive pair of heels; they remain in the closet most of the times and are worn or carried not more than once or twice. The lady loves them and won’t part with them, and this is where Extend My Closet steps in.

There are hundreds of exquisite dresses, evening gowns, footwear and more available for you to borrow exclusively on www.Extendmycloset.com

How it works

ExtendMyCloset has a very simple, yet unique interface and a 3 step procedure for both the borrower as well as the lender.

All the borrower has to do is select the item they like, send a request to the lender with the desired dates and delivery preference. ExtendMyCloset offers two options for delivery, being “Meet with the Lender” or “Have it delivered to your doorstep”.

If the Lender agrees, you can easily immediately make the payment through a secure online payment gateway with a card. Your selected item will reach you through the delivery option that you chose. As the Borrower, you are protected by ExtendMyCloset’s Fit Guarantee. All that is left now is to don the outfit or accessory and stun everyone else. But, yes, since you’ve just borrowed it, you’ll also have to return it on the specified date by your preferred delivery mode.

extend3As for the lender, ExtendMyCloset has ensured that there is complete convenience and assurance of the safety of the item being lent.

As the lender, you have to initially upload all the item details with a few clear photos which truly represent the product you wish to rent out. These items, after a quick approval will be published on the site. The lender is notified as and when someone requests to rent your item. Accepting the request is totally upon the lender.

Extend My Closet has a Lender’s Guarantee which ensures that every item being rented out, is being protected and taken care of.

The Lender can choose between both the delivery options and is bound to get their product back by the rental end date.

ExtendMyCloset releases the payment to the Lender as soon as the item is returned back to them.


ExtendMyCloset CEO Harish Ramchandani says this entire platform is meant to be a win/win transaction for both, the borrower as well as the lender. A borrower would be able to effectively save a lot of money by going in for borrowing instead of out rightly buying a new garment or accessory, and the lender will be able to make some money from the clothes that were otherwise sitting idly in the closet.

Every woman wants to continuously keep experimenting with her looks and trying on new styles, and ExtendMyCloset.com provides them with the perfect opportunity. It encourages women to buy fewer, but better things and cultivates the spirit of collaboration, even in an industry like the Fashion Industry.

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