Time To Get Rid Of Faded, Shabby Clothes

Fed up with a daily battle with your overcrowded wardrobe? It’s time to clear out the wardrobe and make way for some new stylish pieces.


Take everything out of the wardrobe and bin anything that is damaged and tatty immediately. While the wardrobe is empty, give it a quick whiz around with the hoover!

Sort the remaining clothes into 3 piles – keep, store and sell. Be ruthless – if any cloth hasn’t seen the light of day for six months then it’s time to say goodbye.

The store pile should contain items that will be worn again, like out of season clothes and special occasion outfits that one does not need daily access to.

Make sure everything in the store pile is clean. Tackle any niggling jobs like missing buttons and loose hems before you pack them into storage bags. Stash them in the loft, garage, under a bed or anywhere except the wardrobe. But remember to ask yourself – ‘Will I ever really wear this again? If not then sell it.

Hang clothes according to the type – trousers, dresses, jackets, so that one can immediately see what he has. Investing in slim line hangers will instantly double the hanging space.

Turn your hangers round so they all face the same direction. Whenever something is worn, hang it back facing the opposite direction. Review your wardrobe again in 6 months, anything still facing the original direction in 6 months should be stored or sold.

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