Cat Lovers Avoid Animal Skin Care Products Containing Tea Tree Oil

Concept Laboratories, running below the tradename PET MD, is promoting an anti-drop spray for cats and dogs that contains tea tree oil. An associate of the Cat Writers’ Association noted viewing the advert for the spray in his Publishing Company’s Clearinghouse mailer about the CWA Google team. A check of the PetMD site clearly reveals another goods, Anti-itching Wash, advertised as containing tea tree oil.

Oil of Melaleuca is clear or pale-yellow, and active ingredients are mainly cyclic terpenes. Toxicology of this oil is simlar to that associated with oil of turpentine, which is quickly consumed by dermal and oral routes.” It goes to say that big doses of tea-tree oil may be dangerous to dogs, other animals and even humans.

The newsletter also says, “Cases of Melaleuca oil toxicosis have already been reported by veterinarians to the National Animal Poison Control-Center when the oil was applied dermally to dogs and cats. Generally, the acrylic was used to treat dermatologic conditions at inappropriate high doses.”

James Beane, independent distributor of Nature’s Sunshine Products, reports on his website – – that tea tree oil isn’t to be applied to cats. He says cats’ livers are not able to process tea tree oil. She goes as far as to express that pure tea-tree oil shouldn’t used on any animal. Yet another, possibly better known, pet products web site,, actually offers shampoos and aerosols containing tea tree oil beneath the Be Soothed label, nevertheless, they clearly state in their own product advice consumers are not to use the products on cats.

The trouble with Concept Laboratories’ marketing is that they cannot definitely say the possible risks of these products. On a different web site, called Buy, there is a video showing their anti-itch spray being employed just on dogs. Yet, in the video voice over, the ad merely says “pets.” Even though they usually do not show their products used on felines, they cannot definitely state verbally or in the web site text that these products are harmful to felines and graphics of cats are showcased on their webpages. Therefore cat lovers, in case your cat has skin issues, best to visit a vet and prevent products including tea tree oil.

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