Chicago Spirit MoonShine

A success in the USA since the time of prohibition: Moonshine liquor! Our goal is to bring you closer to our drink and the story behind it. The CHICAGO SPIRIT Moonshine Liquor has been distilled by the Andersons for generations and has been passed down from generation to generation.

Most of the time the drink was reserved for the Andersons and their friends, but with the ban on alcohol in 1920, US citizens had to come up with something to get their hands on. Suddenly, many started to make Liquor in secret and the quick money was suddenly very close. And then organized crime was not far off. Of course, it was just so obvious that the good, honest Moonshine of the Andersons had to be made accessible to the people. And the response was incredible.

Thirteen years later, distillation by moonlight came to an end, because prohibition turned out to be a disaster and alcohol was permitted again. The stores were running alcohol again and the Andersons Moonshine was forgotten.

Or not? To this day, the Andersons’ recipe has always been traded and burned. We were allowed to try it and were completely convinced. Therefore we want to carry this great schnaps into the big wide world and we need your support! Try this masterpiece of distilling art and tell your friends about it. Our Moonshine is available in five great varieties: Wild Berry, Mango Curcuma, Peach and Caramel as well as a clear Wildfire. Visit us on our Amazon website and on and let yourself be enchanted!

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