Get your Leather Care Basics Right!

It is said that leather apparel and other goods attract a lot of care and maintenance. It is also true that if leather coats and jackets are maintained with the right basics in place then they do not incur high costs of upkeep and tend to last longer than expected. As per experts in the industry, leather coats, jackets and other accessories made of the same can be restored to gain their original looks if the need so arises. However, if cost-effectiveness is to be considered, it makes good sense to apply the fundamentals of leather care to ensure regular and consistent maintenance at all times.

In general, leather care comprises of four basic steps.  These relate to the process of cleaning the leather surface, conditioning it to perfection, polishing the leather to retain its natural shine, and finally ending the procedure by adding a barrier of moisture to retain the suppleness of your leather goods. Any leather enthusiast who knows how to take good care of leather based products would agree that prevention is a lot better than cure, more so when it comes to maintaining its look, shine, suppleness and other original attributes.

If you succeed in caring for your leather shoes, bags, coats, jackets, belts and other fashion accessories properly, you can be assured that they will remain in good shape for years to come. So, even if you happen to have a single leather coat, jacket or bag in your possession, it is essential to take proper care of the same. Your sound investments in leather products need to be nurtured with care and thus it makes good sense to understand all that goes into maintaining them the right way.

  • For the purposes of cleaning leather, you may want to choose from among the vast range of leather cleansers available in specialty stores, either online or offline. It is important to rub the surface in the opposite direction in which the grains lie. Use gentle strokes and strive to use manufacture-recommended, reliable cleansing products only as they do not take away the natural sheen from leather.
  • As per experts at Leather Center, it is advisable to apply leather conditioner at least 2 to 4 times a year to get the best results. Alternatively, you can choose to use the conditioner as and when the leather surface starts feeling dry. As most leather conditioners are devoid of any kind of UV protection, it is recommended that you keep your leather coats and jackets away from direct sunlight to the maximum possible limits.

As leather is an organically produced fabric, it is living and needs to breathe properly at all times. Given this, it is not a good idea to store your leather products in plastic bags, use the cloth ones instead. Also, smoothen out the surface of leather by polishing it regularly, preferably with specialized leather cleaners to maintain its softness and original looks. In case, the leather goods owned by you start looking distraught and under stress, it is recommended that you take the same to professionally trained leather specialists without any further ado.


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