Christian Salerno: the pianist who bewitched Youtube

When and why did you start posting videos on Youtube?

It was 2009, I had just finished High School and i had been having a lot of spare time. I’ve always loved sharing and I’ve always found pleasure by teaching. So, I decided to open my own Youtube channel using “krikko1989” as nickname, where ”krikko” is the name in which my brother and my close friends used to call me and “1989” is my birth year.

It was easy to get a big audience even from the beginning?

Views and audience were a consequence. I hadn’t opened my channel to get a big audience but in order to share my works and my knowledge. Than, if you are able to get an audience and you’re able to cultivate the relationship with your community subscribers and views grow by itselves.

When did you find out that Youtube could become a job?

When some agency and networks started to contact me. I worked a year in the Divimove network than I decided to quit and now I’m a Youtube Partner.

Do you earn enough to live only as a Youtuber?

The ads earnings don’t grant me such an income. By the way, thanks to my visibility and over 800 videos posted on the channel I can perform many concerts, receiving invitations by businessman, club owners and private citizens.

Any advice for someone who wants to follow your steps?

Take Youtube seriously as much as with fun

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