Buni Milani is Gearing Up To Release her next album, ‘JUICY 2’

The ‘JUICY’ singer, Buni Milani has announced the upcoming release of her new project, ‘JUICY 2’, way ahead of its release date. With her first project still being sought after, Milani recently had a blockbuster restock of The ‘JUICY’ Collection in September that left her fans wanting more.

Milani has truly carved out her own special niche in the music industry, and it cannot be duplicated. The way the angelic singer delivers her art is that of mastery. She lives and breathes everything she sings about and everyone can see that.

Besides being widely known for her beautiful smile and rear-end, our new star is known for her genius ability to make great music and for her innate ability to create beautiful, eye-catching art. Aside from running multiple rapidly growing fashion brands, Milani has been coding her own video game, which further solidifies why Buni Milani is the one to watch, and will be for a very long time.

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