Kingzilla. Ft.BRO.BLAKE Offers Exciting Dub-Funk Flavors Through ‘AH SUCKERPUSS DELICIOUS LOLLIPOP’

‘AH SUCKERPUSS DELICIOUS LOLLIPOP’ is the latest DUB-FUNK creation by KingZiLLa. ft.BRO.BLAKE, buzzing among all. Truly, the Nevada Music Producer did a great job.

This summer is getting more exciting with the latest musical representation by KingZiLLa. ft.BRO.BLAKE, this song is called ‘AH SUCKERPUSS DELICIOUS LOLLIPOP’ which is a powerful creation, the track offers a renewed taste of DUB-FUNK that sounds quite peppy and robust. The enticing beats of funk not only captivate the listeners but also make them bop their heads with an irresistible organic groove. Sapping around 4 minutes, this song offers an engaging soundscape that comes with a long-lasting impact. With the exciting musical arrangement and witty lyricism, the track receives a creative and seductive layer of music that makes it even more engaging and enjoyable. This is a track that listeners can enjoy with friends, family, and every one no matter what the occasion is. 

KingZiLLa. ft.BRO.BLAKE is a musical tie-up that thrives to explore the epitome of musical sensation by creating tracks that resonate with the mass. DUB-FUNK is the ideal musical playground for them where they can try numerous possibilities and creative ideas. The latest track ‘AH SUCKERPUSS DELICIOUS LOLLIPOP’ is just another example of their uplifting and fun creations which are also quite thought-provoking for a lot of listeners. Being a seasoned drummer, a Nevada Music Producer, and a songwriter as well; they have proved their worth in the music industry. They are greatly inspired by legendary artists like Jimi Hendrix, Prince, Run The Jewels, Parliament Funkadelic, Boom Boom Satellites, NIN, Outcast, Cameo, and many others. As a result, their creations offer strange familiar feelings along with a potent dose of refreshment. 

Hailing from Henderson, United States, the artist is paving a new creative wave in the industry that is bringing new light to emerging artists. Some of the other creations like, ‘MY KALLING’, ‘SPEEDE’, ‘TIN PAN ALLEY & THE MAA SUCKERS’, ‘AWARD’, etc are the greatest examples of their creative psyche and a unique taste for original music. The artists have recently dropped a track named ‘EVERYDAY HUSTLE EVERYDAY PEOPLE’ which is a hip-hop anthem. Similarly, there are pop creations as well. So, the fact is evident that artists can adapt to any kind of soundscape. Follow them on SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, and the official website to know more. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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