Soul and R&B Traces of Contemporary Flavors in Isaiah Steward’s ‘Down For Me’ is a Rhythmic Groove

Upcoming soul and R&B artist Isaiah Steward is on my infinite playlist right now who has already had the world on a trip of graphic musical arrangements, expressive lyrics, relentless rhythmic intercepts, and an emotional attachment. His new release ‘Down For Me’ is a song about the tenderness of new love that is yet to unite. As he lends his soulful voice to the urban rusticity of ‘Down For Me’, my musical instincts undulate according to the dynamics of the songs.

All of 18, Isaiah Steward is a Dallas lad whose potential and creative reasoning is already doing the rounds of audience appreciation. I have never been so prompted and elevated by such a conspicuous tune. ‘Down For Me’ is a relatable saga not just for me but for millions of listeners out there. The closure of intimacy and oneness that gives love its true essence is the central thematic resemblance in his songs. With other hit covers like ‘Perfect’, and ‘I Need You Now’, Isaiah Steward is expanding his charismatic creativity with his own compositions. As I tune into the ethereal lines of ‘Down For Me’ once again, check him out on Soundcloud, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to experience modern musical fusion right away.

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