5 Vacuum Cleaner That Will Actually Make Your Life Better

While buying a vacuum cleaner the things you should take care of are that if it is bagged or bagless, upright or cylinder and about some other specifications that are listed below.

Cleaning of stairs:

          Using the tools that are given with the vacuum cleaner you can clean the stairs too. If a vacuum cleaner lets you do this perfectly with the built-in tools, then you should buy it.

Edge cleaning:

          Must check the edge cleaning capability of a vacuum cleaner before buying it. This will let you know that how good a machine can clean in tough conditions.


          A good vacuum cleaner should not generate so much sound.

Carpet cleaning:

          Carpet cleaning is one of the difficult tasks a vacuum cleaner has to do. The best way to test the carpet cleaning capabilities is by using white powder on dark carpet and test after three swipes, where one swipe is up and down across the area.

There are a lot of vacuum cleaners that have the qualities described above. But we have chosen 5 vacuum cleaners that are perfect for you and will make your life better.

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal

          The giant ball in the middle of the vacuum cleaner is the beauty of this design. This is made for the balancing purpose as we know that this is a bagged vacuum cleaner. This model of Dyson Cinetic is made for the household with pets but you can buy the other models also. The quality to remove dust and dirt is just awesome, and it’s dream to use it. Multiple floor tools will help you clean carpet, wood, and other surfaces.


          Sometimes we need powerful vacuum cleaners that can help us remove the pet hairs from our carpet. This is one of them, but another facility is that this vacuum is noiseless as compared to the other cleaners. This vacuum cleaner generates the noise of 66dB where other cleaners start from 75dB.

Miele compact C2 cat and dog powerline

          As it is clear from the name of this vacuum cleaner that this is specially made for the pets. When it comes to picking up the pet hairs, this is the first choice of most of the experts. It has a huge bag that is specially made for the pet hairs. This vacuum cleaner operates on higher wattage level in order to pick more dust and dirt.

Dyson small ball total clean

          Just like the other Dysons products this upright vacuum cleaner is also bagless. This model of upright vacuum cleaner disapproves the rule that all the uprights are heavy and difficult to carry. Dysons small ball vacuum cleaner is a complete package. This vacuum cleaner is light, easy to carry, and portable. Because of the compactness of this model, you can store it anywhere after the use.

Philips PowerPro Expert FC9724

          Philips’s this model of bagless power cleaner is an all-rounder with the best results on the carpet, hard floor, and with pet hairs. And when it comes to the weight, this is just of 5.5kg and really to carry. The best results can be seen on a carpet filled with dirt and dust.

These are the five vacuum cleaners of different brands that will surely make your life better and easy.Some of them are bagged and some of them are baggless but the choice is only yours.

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