All over centuries, the wedding day has been depicted by society as the most wonderful and special day of our lives. In our imagination, this day sparks so many dreams and memories, picturing in our mind images of fancy and extravagant weddings on films and magazines. And it should be like that, since it is a once in a lifetime experience, that should fill us with joy and unforgettable memories, to celebrate love and connections with our family and dearest friends. So, why not trying to make it as beautiful and unforgettable as possible, in order to live the dream that you always wanted?

You can fulfil your dream of living in a fairy-tale: you just need to celebrate your wedding in Lake Como! As soon as you will see the astounding landscape and the magical atmosphere of this place, it would be love at first sight. Lake Como, in fact, is the crown jewel of the region Lombardia, in an unusual yet picturesque geographic position. It is a wonderful blue mirror of crystal-clear water, surrounded by magnificent mountains and charming woods that frames the beautiful landscape. This view is such a spectacle to the eye that it would take your breath away, especially if it’s going to be the setting of your most wonderful day of the year.

The valley in which lies the Lake also houses many different and colourful local villages, that enhances the beauty of the landscape and makes it so unique. Their slow-paced lifestyle and the bond with their own origins will give you a serene and relaxing holiday, where you can leave all the stress of everyday life behind and immerse yourselves in the nature. All the pictures in the fairy-tale books from childhood would magically become real, thanks to the astounding beauty of this wonderful place.

Wedding planners, in the Lake Como area, are especially qualified experts, ready to listen to all your requests and make your dreams come true. They will open to you the gates of this amazing world and show you some of the most captivating villas in the area as the scenario of your weddings. These ancient buildings are situated at the top of the mountains, giving to its hosts a wonderful view on the lake. They also are decorated with exquisite taste and equipped to host an amazing wedding and all the guests, on a weekly rent.

The most popular ones are Villa del Balbianello, Villa Carlotta and Grand Hotel Tremezzo, but there are countless amazing private locations, unknown to the public, that will be available to rent and will offer a wonderful scenario to your wedding day for all your requests, from the ceremony itself to the reception and  the accommodation of guests. These mansions are meticulously curated down to the very last detail and decorated to fulfil all your needs and wishes, in order to give the best service that can be possible.

Lake Como is also very known, all around the world, because many different celebrities decided to find here a shelter and buy a house for their holidays, far away from the disturbing and stressing lifestyle of big cities and the public spotlight. Even more celebrities and public figures fell in love with this beautiful landscape and decided to celebrate their own wedding here, creating amazing events that sparked interest in the public and were published on many magazines, everywhere. People often look at these pictures with dreamy eyes, as it would be impossible to reach, but with Lake Como’s wedding planners, you can certainly become like all these celebrities and feel like one of them, on your special day!

Let yourself surround by the quietness and the serenity of these striking mountains, by the limpid lake and the breath-taking view. This wonderful place would be the only piece missing to your plans, and through the help of the qualified wedding planners of this area, you can bring to life all the expectations and unspeakable dreams of a lifetime. The Lake Como will absolutely become the perfect setting to your wedding day, making it even more special. You will cherish the memories made here and will never forget your stay,  here in Lake Como.

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