Abou Traore’s Got Talent

Freestyle football showman and performer, Abou Traore is leaving people of all ages in awe as he performs on the world’s greatest stages. World renowned for his role as one of the lead performers in Cirque du Soleil’s show awe-inspiring show Luzia: A Waking Dream of Mexico.

Abou Traore’s career launched after videos of his mind blowing soccer skills went viral, bringing him international praise and attention. A once-promising soccer star, Abou turned to freestyle football following a career-ending injury.

After starring on a number of TV shows around the world, in 2016, Abou’s career took a leap forward when Cirque du Soleil was looking for a unique performance artist to join Luzia. Abou’s video audition led to his casting and he has been performing with the show since April 2016.

On stage, Abou includes water in his act. “I have to play soccer freestyle while a waterfall is on stage,” he shares. The degree of balance, agility, and sheer focus that his performance entails is nothing short of extraordinary.

The challenges of continuous performance dates and being a member of the Cirque du Soleil company has made Abou a better artist. He developed his own original choreography that has brought countless people to their feet in applause.

In addition to performing in Luzia, Abou Traore has starred in promotional appearances on The Late Late Show with James Corden and has been a spokesperson for Senda Soccer Ball. In addition to his future performances with Cirque, he hopes to continue to utilize his talent to perform in music videos for the likes of artists such as Sia, Chris Brown, and Usher.

Abou also plans to compete on America’s Got Talent, following the example of his brother, also a freestyle football performer, who placed second on the show’s French version. “I would like to show my brother who’s really the best by winning here in America,” Abou states.

Determined to push his physical and creative limits, Abou Traore continues his rigorous training in freestyle football while also choreographing new and original performances. Delightfully-imaginative and visually-stunning, his talent is truly one-of-a-kind!