3 Tips For Looking Cute During Outdoor Recreation

Getting outdoors regularly is great for both your mental and physical health. However, getting exercise or spending time outdoors often leaves you feel sweaty, dirty, and less than fashionable. But luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of ways you can spend time recreating outside while still looking stylish.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three tips for looking cute during outdoor recreation.


Choose Cute, Layered Items

One of the hardest parts about knowing how to dress when spending time outdoors is being prepared for any kind of weather. According to Calvy Click, a contributor to Refinery29.com, the weather can be very unpredictable if you’re spending one or more days primarily outside, and you’ll likely experience a lot of different temperatures and weather phenomena.

Because of this, you should always try to dress in layers when you’re going to be spending time outdoors. For your first layer, consider wearing a cute sports bra or tank top that you won’t mind others seeing if it gets too hot outside. You should then add a short-sleeved shirt meant for outdoor recreation and then a light jacket or sweatshirt over that. Depending on where you’ll be and what the lowest temperature you’re likely to encounter is, you can then also wear an outer shell in a cute color that will also keep you warm and dry.


Consider An Exercise Dress

During your outdoor recreation or exercise, if the temperature will be hot or there’s a chance that you might wind up going by some water, Alyssa Coscarelli, a contributor to Harper’s Bazaar, suggests wearing an exercise dress to look fit and fashionable.

While tennis players often wear skirts during competition, you can also find exercise dresses, with built-in shorts and convenient pockets. So if you don’t already have a dress like this in your closet, consider getting one for your next outdoor adventure, just so long as you’re not planning to go on any overgrown trails that might scratch your legs up.


Find A Trendy Way To Control Your Hair

One of the biggest nuisances when you’re spending time outside can be long hair. In the wind, your hair can get whipped around and have a very hard time staying in place. And if you’ll be outside for a day or two, your hair can get greasy or dirty, which usually isn’t the cutest look.

To combat this, try to find a trendy way to control your hair. According to Gray Chapman, a contributor to Self.com, a few options you might want to consider are hats and buffs. Not only will a buff help to keep your hair under control and out of your face, but you can also use it to protect your neck from the sun or cool you off by soaking it in water.

If you love spending time doing outdoor recreation but don’t want to sacrifice your fashionable side to do it, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you look cute even when you might be dirty and sweaty.


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