AHOSI Beauty Launches New Innovative Products

AHOSI Beauty, Launches Non-Toxic Hair & Scalp Oils, Revolutionary Wig Sanitizer, Leave-In Hair Dye, Liquid Lipsticks with Safe and Natural Ingredients –

AHOSI Beauty has created new, innovative products, safe, and created with natural ingredients. A recent study revealed that nearly 80 percent of hair products used by women, when tested, contain chemicals linked to cancer, infertility and obesity. AHOSI Beauty products are designed with the Consumers’ health & safety in mind. With safe and natural ingredients, consumers can be sure that their products will not cause any harm to their health

With women’s hair & overall health in mind, AHOSI Beauty products, are owned, designed, & created in the USA & UAE, by a woman.

The Creator of these new products, a Woman, suffered from excessive tumors and had several surgeries to extract more than 20lbs of tumors from her reproductive organs. Hence, she has come to believe that these excessive tumors were as a result of her constant use of certain hair care & beauty products, as the research above shows, so, she decided to create her own safe products with natural ingredients.

With her strong commitment to health and safe products, the Creator, along with natural hair care ingredients experts, created these products with safe & natural ingredients to ensure that users get the benefit of our hair care products without all the chemicals, which can cause harm to their health.

• Wig Sanitizer (aka Trademarked as Wig-Sani) – patent pending
• Hair Conditioning Oil
• Scalp Stimulating Oil
• Purse size Wig Sanitizer, & Hair Oils
• MaskHairRa portable, leave-in temporary HAIR DYE

AHOSI Conditioning & AHOSI Scalp Stimulating Oils are one-part all-natural ingredient & one-part water, non-greasy, leave-in, no-mess hair products.

AHOSI Wig Sanitizer, a new, revolutionary product is for sanitizing, cleaning, & refreshing wigs, hair extensions, braids, and also helps to relieve scalp itch.

AHOSI MaskHairRa is a portable, quick & easy to use, leave-in hair dye. Just pop in your purse and use as needed to cover gray hair or add that extra color to your hair. It comes in 4 colors (Black, Blonde, Red, Brown)

AHOSI LIQUID LIPSTICK LINE is non-toxic, long-lasting, bright and comes in a variety of colors.

For sales inquiries, contact www.ahosibeauty.com

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