Organic Bombshell Beauty Balm

Organic Bombshell Beauty Balm is a lightweight, sheer beauty balm that is formulated with active anti-aging ingredients, including Collagen Tri-Peptide, to stimulate collagen production and improve elasticity. It contains no petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances or dyes and was formulated for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Our signature BB Cream will not cause breakouts, a common concern among women looking for a go-to foundation.

Overall, it is a five-in-one multitasking cream that will conceal, treat, hydrate, prime & protect. It contains a natural SPF to shield your skin from harsh environmental factors and aloe to soothe, heal and soften. And, to top it all off, it is enriched with Vitamins A, C & E to nourish and preserve your beautiful face. In other words, this stuff is amaze! 🙂 

Indulge yourself with our hybrid formula that offers advanced skincare + immediate perfecting coverage. Your skin will look plump, flawless and radiant with our signature product!Hand-Brewed Enchanting Formulas made with Love & Rose Quartz Crystals.Bombshell Beauty Balm will transform your skin into Glowing Goddess skin.100% Organic, All Natural & made to order.Special–Buy 4 Jars Get 1 FREE 🙂

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