Organic Skincare 303 Face | Body carries spa quality skincare from the organic lines Founder, Marci Lundy

Artist Marci Lundy has successfully married photography with organic skincare. For five years, her company, 303 Face | Body, has been featured and sold in magazines across the country, as well as online boutiques. All creations are put together by the 30 something mogul. “My hearts joy is to not only create skin care products that help persons bring forth their best natural self, but to be proactive in every step of the process.” From product photography, to the process of carefully measuring oils and adding florals to soaps, this one woman show has it covered.

Skincare 303 Face
“I oftentimes tell my husband, I want to be 100% a part of the process for as long as humanly possible. As the company grows, I’m thrilled to introduce the line to new markets, and my dedication for making sure that each blend is personally handcrafted.. every photo is posed just so.. every social media post expresses the heart of 303 Face | Body.. ahhh! My heart just skips a beat at the thought! I fall asleep each night and awaken each morning to both show and share 303 Face | Body with the world. It’s both a pleasure and an honor to be able to help individuals look and feel their best.”

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