Balacia Engagement Rings At Up To 80%

Balacia jewelry may be a recent start-up but it’s taking the nation by storm with its high quality and unique jewelry. Balacia was founded by Jasmine Wallace (soon to be Jasmine Carter after her wedding on July 1, 2018). Balacia features handcrafted engagement rings at up to 80% off retail prices. Their most famous product is their 2 carat moissanite eternity engagement ring, shown in the video below. Balacia also has many unique pieces of jewely ranging from necklaces for new moms to niche items such as rings for cat-lovers.

The quality and craftsmanship of Balacia jewelry is unparalleled. Unlike other jewelry brands that may charge $5,000 for a ring or create cheap products that turn your finger green, Balacia stands out from the rest by offering a balance between quality and affordability. We look forward to hearing more about their successful journey to the top.

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